Adam Cliff is a writer and researcher of legal and social events in northeast Kansas.  He is also an inventor and holds several patents on medical equipment and sporting goods.  His days of playing bass and traveling with bands are in the past, but his love of music and his close bond with a few exceptionally talented musicians remain strong.  Adam and his wife live west of Lawrence, Kansas on several acres of secluded bliss.

EXPOSURE is a debut novel and I certainly enjoyed writing it.  However, my larger interests lie in a the area of our justice system and the prosecutorial process that often fails society at large by not adequately protecting individuals from system sanctioned corruption.   My next work, “Baby Killer”, addresses this very issue while chronicling the prosecution of Carrody Buchhorn.  This case is stunning in scope.  Unfortunately, there are many similar occurrences, from county to county and from state to state across our country.  The “persecution” of Ms. Buchhorn is as much about the individual and the tragedy as it is about the reckless, self-serving concerns of the prosecutors and defense counsel, and sadly, the judiciary oversight.  I hope to have it completed and published by the fall of 2020.