History annotated to a personal perspective… couldn’t help but cheer for the crafty squad on their quest for justice, but the mystical element raises this compelling work far above many others… thoroughly enjoyable and  groundbreaking.          

– Stephen D. Seitz


So captivating I felt like I was immersed in a good movie.  This story is begging for the big screen.       – William Skepnek, JD, Lecturer of Western Civ. at KU


Found myself missing the characters days after I finished the book – great story, can’t wait for more.              – Michael J. Allen


As superbly conceived and delivered as any debut novel could be.

              – Dr. Angela Rosselot


After the passing of their father in 1992, Harold Pritchett’s children take control of high quality photographs that Harold took in the Dealey Plaza area on November 22, 1963.  One son, with guidance from an unscrupulous reporter, has the photos evaluated by a Kennedy assassination historian who identifies known government operatives in incriminating circumstances.  Sonny’s attempt to deliver “Box 63” to researchers unravels as his family is exposed to vicious attacks from the Kansas City mob and the CIA.  With the FBI in pursuit, Sonny and his wife Charlotte devise a plan of deception and misdirection to complete the task.  They encounter a mysterious “red orb” while visiting Charlotte’s Hopi grandmother in Arizona.  Sonny had first witnessed this phenomenon as a young boy, and now learns the orb’s significance to their current undertaking.  Sonny’s older brother, Kevin, a State Department field investigator, along with their younger brother James and his socially subversive friends, combine their unique skills to stage a daring rescue and take lethal measures to protect their lives and the truth from a government agency despot hell-bent on preserving the state proffered historical record.